Triple Wide Mobile Homes

The mobile home has a charming history steeped in Americana. It has evolved and changed with the needs of our nation. The first mobile homes were beach front properties in North Carolina in the late 1800s. These properties could be moved from place to place. Forty years later, mobile homes became trailers that could be hitched to cars and used during camping excursions. It was not until the end of the Second World War that mobile homes began to take on a more modern visage. When our brave men came home from defending our freedom, they found the lack of housing to be a problem. This was the beginning of the Baby Boom and the veterans needed a place for themselves and their families to live and grow. In order to give them homes quickly and efficiently, mobile homes were built. The beauty was that the mobility of the homes allowed these families to easily relocate when they were searching for work. In the ensuing years, the government developed strict safety standards until mobile homes have reached the same stability as brick and mortar homes. By the beginning of the 21st century, over 21 million Americans lived in mobile homes.

Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes or Modular Homes

Actually, the word mobile home is a misnomer. Since the stricter standards of safety have been enforced, they have been renamed manufactured homes. They are required to pass inspection by the office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) before they even leave the factory. They are shipped on their own wheels and set up at the location temporarily or permanently. A local code inspector must then review the connections to power lines and utility lines only, but the house itself does not come under inspection. Along with the manufacture warranty, the FHA will guarantee these homes for twenty years. Modular homes are assembled in the factory and are built to the same standards as any other permanent residence would be. However, the cost is significantly less than traditional on site construction. Inspectors must approve both the utilities and the building codes inside and outside the modular home.

The Variety of Sizes of Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are never more than one story high and they are usually placed upon land that is owned by someone else and leased by the mobile homeowner. Single wide homes have approximately seven-hundred and twenty square feet of space. They are environmentally friendly and can often be recycled when they are no longer wanted as a home. They are often purchased for vacation homes as they are easy to move, but they are not an option for growing families. Double wide manufactured homes are the most opted for size. As the name would suggest, they have twice the square footage of a single wide. They have all the amenities of a standard home including multiple bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a dining space. However, when you are looking for luxury, space, and affordability, you might want to consider a triple wide mobile home. With this option you can have up to four bedrooms and two bathrooms. Some extra space might include a playroom, a den, or a sitting room. You can even design your own floor plans. Keep in mind; it is extremely difficult to add on to a mobile home. If you would like a larger home, you can usually trade in and sell your current house. You have the option to sell your manufactured home and keep your land so that you can put a brand new one on-site, or you can sell both the home and the land so that someone can move into your current space while you relocate.

Surprising Amenities for Manufactured Homes

Imagine trying to find a house that is right for you. You go on a tour. Walking in the door you step on to beautiful tongue and groove hardwood floors or luxurious plush carpets. The living room has a flat-screen TV, a fireplace, vaulted ceilings and beautiful crown molding. The open concept living space, allows you to see the kitchen where you encounter ample cabinet space, marble countertops, stainless steel appliances, and high-end fixtures. There are four bedrooms, including a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom, French doors, a sitting room and a walk-in closet. There is even a playroom for the kids or a den for you. Though it is hot outside, you are cool because this house has central air. Confused, you look back outside because you thought you were looking at a triple wide mobile home, not a state of the art brick and mortar house. You are. Far from the tin boxes of old, these are the kind of luxuries that you can find today. Mobile home manufacturers are trying hard to break away from the old mold. You can explore the floor plans and options for triple wide mobile homes at sites such as Jacobsen Homes, http://www.jachomes.com/floor-plans/triple-wide-manufactured-homes.aspx or Champion Homes, http://www.championhomes.com/.

Is a Mobile Home the Right Choice For You?

Mobile homes, or more recently, manufactured homes are changing. They are breaking away from their traditional designs and gaining a new reputation as a housing option that is comfortable and affordable. Their safety standards and deluxe amenities are changing the way that they are viewed and will eventually alter the misconceptions brought about by their portrayal in TV and movies. Whether you choose a single wide, double wide, or even a triple wide mobile home, you can certainly find accommodations that are right for you.

When you begin searching out the triple wide mobile home pros and cons, there are quite a few factors to consider. From the benefits of choosing your location, to factoring in resale values, there are both benefits and disadvantages to buying triple wide mobile homes.

Triple wide mobile homes are typically pre-fabricated homes, which are built off site. The builder can add the design features you select, and build the entire structure at their building facility. Once purchased, the builder can transport the finished home to the location of your choice. Triple wide mobile homes are built in three separate sections which are attached to one another at their arrival on site.

Mobile homes often get a bad rap by some of the buyers in the housing market. Some homeowners feel that they have a limited amount of design options, and others worry about the quicker depreciation rate. If you are looking for an inexpensive home buying option, plan on staying there for a long time, and want something that can be constructed verily quickly you may want to look into getting a triple wide mobile home. On the other hand, triple wide mobile home pros and cons can outweigh one another, and you may decide that a mobile home is not for you.

Select Your Location

When you begin comparing the triple wide mobile home pros and cons, the first thing you may want to consider is location. Many mobile home buyers lean heavily towards a mobile home because of the ability you have to choose most any location. Whether up in the woods, or down in the country, a triple wide mobile home can be placed at any location that the buyer chooses. Make sure you secure a plot of land that is large enough for the particular floor plan you have in mind. Once you choose your location and layout, the mobile home builder can create and transport your pre-fabricated home to the site of your choosing.

One of the downsides of triple wised home building is the restrictions some areas have on placing your home. If you are hoping to move into a developed suburb, make sure there are no building ordinances or home owners associations in the area who restrict the building of such prebuilt structures. Because of the uniformity of some communities, a mobile home may not be allowed in some neighborhoods. Before deciding on a mobile home, always check with the city and surrounding neighborhood comities about building restrictions and allotments.

More Inexpensive

A continued comparison of triple wide mobile home pros and cons might include the cost of building. Triple wide mobile homes are known as an inexpensive home buying option. Triple wide mobile homes offer more space, with their three separate sections, but come at a much lower cost than that of building a home. Because the homes are assembled ahead of time by the builder, there isn't a cost of a home foundation or inspection for the builder, and many of the materials are bought in bulk, you may be able to find a living space of your own for much cheaper than the average home owner.

Saving costs on your initial home purchase can help you down the road as a homeowner. Many buyers choose mobile homes for lower monthly payments, and the ability to pay off the house more quickly. With the extra money buyers save, they often have excess to put into their landscaping, interior decoration, or upgrades they want for the mobile home. By using the money saved by not choosing a traditional home buying route, buyers are able to make their space more comfortable and personalized.

Depreciation Rate

Unfortunately, there can be a down side to this low cost housing option. The triple wide mobile home pros and cons list continues as you look at the quick rate of depreciation on mobile homes. Unlike traditional homes, mobile homes tend to depreciate in value much more quickly. Less new or used homebuyers are in the market for mobile homes than for standard, foundation built homes. Because of the lower number of interested homebuyers in the market looking to be second owners of mobile homes, you may have lower chances of selling your triple wide mobile home should you ever want to move.

On the more positive side, should you choose to move locations, you may simply choose to do what many mobile home owners do and simply relocate your triple wide mobile home with you. This means that leaving your current location doesn't mean leaving behind the home you and your family have come to love and grow into. If you do need to move, and find that the depreciation of your mobile home is too much of a loss for your taste, you can look into the costs of transporting and relocating your mobile home.

Multiple Floor Plans

While some buyers think that mobile home buying can leave a new mobile home owner with very few options for layout, design, and personalization, they may be surprised to know the range of options and multiple floor plans there are to pick from. There are several different triple wide mobile home builders out there to purchase a new mobile home from. Each offers different features, layouts, and customizable options. Triple wide mobile homes offer a lot of versatility because they can be built with as little as 1500 square feet to around 2500 or more.

When building or designing a mobile home you can often choose 2, 3, or 4 bedroom layouts, 1 or more bathrooms, and a range of extra rooms such as dens, living rooms, and of course the much needed kitchen space. You may not be as limited as you think when it comes to creating a floor plan that meets your needs and wants, with a few added bonuses. With the many triple wide mobile home pros and cons to consider, you can weigh your options and decide whether or not a triple wide mobile home is the right choice for you. While there are some disadvantages to these prefabricated homes, many home buyers find a surprising amount of benefits that make them reconsider some of their original opinions.

If you want to get a relatively inexpensive home but you want something new and that offers plenty of interior space, you might want to think about making an investment into one of many triple wide mobile home options.

Triple wide homes are brought to the site of the property where you want the home erected and they are shipped in three separate pieces. The separate pieces, upon arrival, are put together to create the triple wide mobile home layout.

Triple wide mobile homes range in terms of the space they offer and the homes can have two to four bedrooms or more. Triple wide mobile homes host a kitchen area, living room, can have more than one bathroom, and the homes sometimes come with dens. The square footage in the triple wide mobile homes available can range from roughly 1600 to as much as 2500 square feet or greater. You can view floorplans for triple wide mobile homes online.

Jacobsen Homes

If you are seeking different floorplans for triple wide mobile homes, you can view the floorplans and designs supplied by Jacobsen Homes. Jacobsen Homes has triple wide mobile homes with two, three, and four bedrooms and the company has been in the business of manufacturing mobile homes since the late 1950s. Jacobsen Homes is located in Safety Harbor, Florida and they have several triple wide mobile home models to choose from; you can opt for the TNR-7401 2 Bedroom 1600 square foot, the TNR-7441 2 Bedroom 1787 square foot home or the TNR-7482 2 bedroom 1920 square foot home. For three bedroom selections you can choose from the TNR-7483 1840 square foot, the TNR-7461 1848 square foot or the TNR-7521 2080 square foot floor plan. Finally, if seeking one of the four bedroom triple wide mobile homes you can choose from the TNR-762 2240 square foot or the TNR-7604 square foot mobile home floor plan. For more information visit

George Humfleet Homes

George Humfleet Homes is a dealer of triple wide mobile homes in the state of Kentucky; the home dealer has been awarded with the Number 1 Dealer of All Manufactured Housing in the State of Kentucky from 2005 to 2008. The dealer offers financing solutions for triple wide mobile homes. You can view floor plans for available mobile home models manufactured by SEHomes™, Giles, Cavalier Homes, Inc™, and Manufactured Housing Enterprises, Inc™. For more information visit http://www.geohumfleethomes.com/.

S & H Manufactured Homes

S & H Manufactured Homes is a company located in Okanogan, Washington. This company sells triple wide mobile homes with 25 or 40 year roof shingles. All mobile homes come with high performance, Energy Star® certified windows, metal faucets throughout, dual stainless steel drawer guides with roller bearings in all draws, China sinks in the bathrooms, metal mini blinds, ceiling lights in the bedrooms, Energy Star® exterior walls, fiber glass batt type insulation, linoleum flooring, laminate counter tops, 1 and 10 year homeowners protection plans. For more information visit http://www.sandhhomes.com/products.html.

You are looking for a new home; trying to find a piece of paradise for you and your family. Taking a look at the ads in the paper causes physical stress - perhaps you feel the beginnings of a headache or perspiration forming on your upper lip.

The cost of homes, even when the market is down, can be astronomical. You might question if there are any solutions out there for someone who wants a new and inexpensive home with enough space to house their family and some small parcel of land on which the children can play. The answer is yes - triple wide mobile homes.

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